552020_64 Letter to CIL on Our Expression of Thanks for Re-creation of E9 grade in CIL.pdf
542020_63 Letter to all CMDs on Appeal to adopt Uniform rules for submitting Form B-1 under CPRMSE.pdf
532020_61_Letter to CIL on Issues relating to Form B-1required to be submitted under CPRMSE.pdf
522020_59 Letter to Coal Minister on Environment Clearance of NEC Projects.pdf
512020_58 Letter to CMPF on Pension to Spouse of deceased Pensioner.pdf
502020_56 Letter to CIL on Issues related to CPRMSE and need for improvement and other needful actions.pdf
492020_54 Letter to Coal Minister on Wider consultation on the separation of CMPDI from CIL and protection of interest of its employees and executives.pdf
482020_53 Letter to CIL on Non-Receipt of Policy documents under CIL EDCPS and payment of enhanced proceed to executives retired after 1-1-2017.pdf
472020_51 Letter to CIL on Uploading of Master Policy documents under CIL, EDCPS.pdf
462020_50 Letter to CIL on Re creation of E9 grade (Executive Director) and promotion thereof in CIL..pdf
452020_46 Letter to Coal Minister on Fund Crisis in BCCL A subsidiay of CIL.pdf
442020_45 Letter to CIL on Non-Receipt of Policy documents under CIL EDCPS.pdf
432020_44 Letter to CIL on Need to Upload Forms for claiming NPS proceeds on death of a subscriber of CIL-EDCPS (NPS) where LIC is the Annuity Provider.pdf
422020_43 Letter to CIL on Need to adopt a Simpler of Digital Life Certificate under CPRMSE in line with SBI-Life Pensioners.pdf
412020_42 Letter to CIL on Suggestions for Employee Motivation by rewarding them Membership of Productivity Clubs formed at Mine level, Area level, Subsidiary level and CIL level.pdf
402020_41 Letter to HDFC on Request to to submit a Proposal for Term Insurance for AIACE Members.pdf
392020_40 Letter to CIL on Request for special efforts for Cashless treatment in Empanelled Hospitals in view of Covid-19.pdf
382020_39 Letter to CMPF on Enhancement of Pension due to pay revision.pdf
372020_38 Letter to CIL on Release of pending Medical bills under CPRMSE to retirees.pdf
362020_37 Letter to CIL on Acceptance of Jeevanpramaan as valid Life Certificate under CPRMSE.pdf
352020_35 Letter to CIL on Request for Relaxations in CPRMSE Rules in view of current lockdown due to Covid-19,.pdf
342020_34 Letter to CIL on Providing PPE to Doctors and Health Workers in view of Coronapidemic.pdf
332020_33 Letter to Commissioner, CMPF on Irregularity in Submission of Life certificates by Pensioners.pdf
322020_32 Letter to CCMPF Commissioner for Enhancement of Pension due to pay revision wef 1-1-2017.pdf
312020_31 Letter to CIL Chairman - Expression of Thanks for deferring Coal Stock Measurement schedule on our request.pdf
302020_30 Dated 22-03-2020 Letter to CIL for Deferring Coal Stock measurement by at least 15 days.pdf
292020_29 Dated 22-03-2020 Letter to CIL for Establishing Online System in CIL & Subsidiaries for (i) Referral (ii) Approval & (iii) Payment tracking for Beneficiaries availing Medical Treatme.pdf
282020_28 Dated 19-03-2020 Letter to SECL on Payment of UG allowance to eligible Executives of Rajgamar mine,SECL Korba area..pdf
272020_27 Dated 19-03-2020 Letter to ECL on CPRMSE issue of Sri Subrata Kumar Mukherjee.pdf
262020_26 Dated 19-03-2020 Letter to CMPDI for Establishing a System for Online approval of Medical Treatment for cashless treatment to beneficiaries in CMPDI.pdf
252020_25 Dated 17-03-2020 Letter to CIL on CPRMSE coverage for Divyang dependent children.pdf
242020_24 Dated 16-03-2020 Letter to Chairman on Honorarium payment to Executives.pdf
232020_23 Dated 02-03-2020 Letter to Chairman on Release of Transferred Executives.pdf
222020_22 Dated 28-02-2020 Letter to CMD,SCCL on Extending CPRMSE to Sri Sheshagiri Rao.pdf
212020_21 Dated 25-02-2020 Letter to CMD,SCCL on PRP.pdf
202020_20 Dated 24-02-2020 Nomination for 3rd Minetech Seminar at Kolkata on 6.3.2020.pdf
192020_19 Dated 22.2.2020 Letter to CMD,SCCL on more Empanelled Hospitals at Vizag and other locations.pdf
182020_18 Dated 20.2.2020 Letter to Chairman on Stoppage of Check-off subscription to CMOAI.pdf
172020_17 Dated 20.2.2020 Letter to Chairman on Job Rotation Policy.pdf
162020_16 Dated 19.2.2020 Letter to CMD,SCCL on Executive Defined Contributory Pension Scheme.pdf
152020_15 Dated 19.2.2020 Letter to CMD,SCCL on Medical Treatment at Empanelled Hospitals.pdf
142020_14 Dated 18.2.2020 Letter to CIL on Additional Insurance cover along with CPRMSE.pdf
132020_13 Dated 18.2.2020 Letter to SECL on pending arrear PRP payment to 2017 retirees.pdf
122020_12 Dated 18.2.2020 Letter to DF,CIL for missing PRP due to mid-year exit.pdf
112020_11 Dated 18.2.2020 Request for an appointment with Chairman,CIL.pdf
102020_10 Dated 5.2.2020 Letter to Indian Chamber of Commerce for 18.2.2020 Nomination.pdf
92020_09 Dated 4.2.2020 Letter to CIL on CPRMSE case of AV Narasinham.pdf
82020_08 Dated 1.2.2020 Request for an Appointment to highlight Pension trauma in Coal Sector.pdf
72020_07 Dated 1.2.2020 Welcome Letter to Sri Pramod Agrawal.pdf
62020_06 Dated 28.1.2020 Letter to CIL for PRIDE and PRP non-payment.pdf
52020_05 Dated 28.1.2020 Letter to CIL for Profile correction at a later date.pdf
42020_04 Dated 28.1.2020 Letter to CMD BCCL regarding non-payment of Medical bill of M T Verghese.pdf
32020_03 Dated 16.1.2020 Letter to CIL on Promotion from E6 to E7 grade.pdf
22020_02 Dated 6.1.2020 Letter to CMPF on Pension to Spouse of deceased Pensioners.pdf
12020_01 Dated 6.1.2020 Letter to CIL on CPRMSE rules on without Form B-1 and Jeevanpramaan.pdf

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